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Handyman Service Harrisburg PA

When it comes to repairs and maintenance, you can count on Kirby's Handyman Service to provide a outstanding services for all your home needs.

Whether you would like help installing gypsum boards, painting the interior or exterior of your home, installing tile flooring, building a new deck, having your deck repaired or pretty much anything else you can think of, we are the company you can trust. 
When homeowners in Harrisburg need a professional handyman, we are the one they call. Our work is done by fully licensed and insured professionals. We use high-quality equipment, materials and tools, and we pay attention to detail at every stage of the job.

​We demonstrate efficiency in execution and timeliness. Our reliable team is here to provide you with the home repair services you deserves, while respecting your budget.  

To get in touch with our team, call us today at 717-586-2877 and request a free quote. Do not hesitate to contact us, even if you think your project is too big or too small.​

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TV's, Water heaters, Ceiling Fans, bath fans, and so much more!

Sink installs, faucet replacements,  or exterior hose bibs. Any of your plumbing needs!

We take care of appliance installs, light fixtures, and  most electrical issues.

All your painting needs can be handled in a easy clean way. We have experience staining, painting and sealing. 

Lawn maintenance, mulching and whatever maintenance needs you may have.

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If you need something installed or put together, Kirby's Handyman Service can help.  Some people don't have the time for these types of projects, some don't have the proper tools or experience, and others just may not have the patience.


Whatever your reason, Kirby's has got your back!  We have the tools, knowledge, experience, and yes even the patience to complete any tasks that you need.


Here are some of the projects that we can tackle for you:
- TV installation including wall-mount and component hook-up
- Window Treatments such as blinds or curtains
- Ceiling Fans
- Garbage Disposal
- Shelving installation
- Appliance installation such as dishwasher or washer/dryer
- Hanging pictures or decorations
- Furniture assembly (you know, the ones with the confusing instructions)

And if you don't see it on this list, that doesn't mean we won't do it. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you.



Kirby's Handyman Service also offers basic plumbing services throughout the Harrisburg, PA area.  If you find yourself in need of someone with a pipe wrench and a can-do attitude, you know who to call!


As your preferred local Handyman company, we try to provide a wide variety of services to cater to the needs of our customers.  Here are a few of the reasons people turn to us for plumbing repair and installation.

- Faucet Repair & Installation
- Clogged Toilets & Drains
- Shower Repair & Installation
- Water Heater Repair & Installation
- Toilet Repair & Installation
- Water Filtration Systems

As you can see, we really are handy!  Call today or fill out our web form for a free plumbing quote!



Most homeowners seem to prefer not to mess with electrical components in their home and we don't blame them.  Unless you are trained and have experience working with electricity, it is really not safe.

We are experienced in most household electrical troubleshooting, installation, and replacement situations, so don't stress or worry about electrical repairs or installations.  Call Kirby's and get a free quote on the following services and more!

- Outlet Installation and replacement
- Switch Installation and replacement
- Light Fixtures
- Ceiling Fans
- Bathroom Ventilation
- Replace Bad Breakers


Remember, electrical repairs can be dangerous if you haven't had proper training.  Don't risk injuring yourself or damaging your home.  Instead, call your favorite Harrisburg Handyman at (717) 586-2877!



I'm sure all of us have painted a room at some point in our lives.  Some people even enjoy the experience and say that it is "therapeutic".  Other people will do anything they can to avoid picking up a brush or roller.


Kirby's Handyman Service has a great deal of experience in painting, both interior and exterior.  We are happy to take care of this aspect of your homes remodel or upkeep for you, saving you time, energy, and maybe some headaches.  

We are very careful to protect surfaces that don't need to be painted (like your carpet) and are very precise and ensure good coverage even if it takes extra coats.  


Trust Kirby's for:

- Interior Painting
- Exterior Painting
- Drywall Installation
- Drywall Finishing 
- Drywall Repair
- Wall Texturing
- Trim Installation



Maintenance.  These are the jobs that just have to be done time and again, some sooner than others, in order to keep the household up and running, so-to-speak.  These are the tasks that keep things running well, keep them from deteriorating, from breaking before should.

You can hire Kirby's Handyman Service on a once and done basis or on a recurring maintenance schedule if there are things you'd like us to do periodically.  We put these maintenance tasks on our calendar and schedule so you don't have to remember them.  

Some maintenance jobs that you might hire us for, big or small, are:
- Replacing Furnace Filters or Air Filters
- Changing high or difficult light bulbs
- Power washing
- Weed Control
- Home Weather-Proofing
- Window Screen Replacement


Other Handyman Services

No matter how big or small your home is, maintaining it can be a challenge. Maybe you do not have the time to take care of all the little things on your to-do list. Maybe you do not have the right equipment, tools or products to do the work. Maybe you do not have the knowledge and experience required to do it safely and efficiently. Maybe you are afraid of injuring yourself or worsening your chronic back pain. Or maybe you simply hate doing manual work! 

In addition to regular maintenance tasks, unexpected breakdowns or even accidents can happen and add to the list. If you notice any problems in your house, in your garage, on your fence or any other element of your property, contact us to explain the situation. We will be able to evaluate it, propose an intervention plan and give you a quote. 

We can help you solve all kinds of problems, or perform various manual tasks. Here are a few examples of tasks we can accomplish for you: 

- Installing a flat-screen TV on a wall 
- Installing frames or artwork  
- Hanging curtains and blinds 
- Changing light bulbs that are difficult to access 
- Repairing or changing a ceiling fan 
- Changing the batteries in the smoke detectors at height 
- Repairing a dripping faucet or sink 
- Fixing a leaking shower head or one that no longer has good pressure 
- Repairing a broken toilet  
- Installing or repairing a fence 

- Installing built-in closet 
- Fixing shelves to the wall 
- Assembling a piece of furniture 
- Repairing a weak handrail or a broken step 
- Installing kitchen cabinets 
- Installing a door or create a small pet door 
- Repairing a door that no longer closes or a patio door that no longer slides well 
- Arranging a window frame that lets cold air in 
- Installing weather stripping 



Hired for a job that consisted of drywall finishing and painting. A mixture of new drywall (including a ceiling) as well as smoothing out walls that were very wavy (after being painted 10+ times in the last 30 years!!) Great job!!! Looks awesome.

- Jon Y.

Lucas was professional knowledgeable courteous very charismatic and extremely insightful and gave me many great suggestions on what to do while I was remodeling my kitchen. Highly recommend him and would use him again in a heartbeat!

- Bob O.

Had some remodeling done in 2 of my 3 bedrooms and master bath. Lucas did an amazing job and it looks better than I imagined it could! If you're looking for a professional, experienced person for home improvements give him a call!

- Darby R.

Lucas is very professional and friendly. He does a very thorough job. I’m very pleased with him and would recommend him to others who are in need of a handyman!

- Ashli E.

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