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Newly installed flooring and cabinets in kitchen

Installation Service Harrisburg, PA

One of our favorite things to do is  to help people incorporate new items into their home to spruce it up or increase functionality.  This may be a new dishwasher, a new medicine chest in the bathroom, a new TV that needs to be mounted to the wall, or even something as simple as hanging family photos on the wall.  It is exciting to see the joy in people's eyes and gives us pride to know that we've helped make their lives easier or a little bit brighter.


So if you have a need such as one described above, or any other, give us a call.  You may have something arriving that you've ordered and you know it will be too big or heavy for you to install yourself.  Or perhaps you are someone that has the knowledge and tools to take on the project yourself but you just can't seem to find the time.  These types of jobs are all right up our alley and we would love to lend a hand!

To get in touch with our team, call us today at 717-586-2877 and request a free quote. Do not hesitate to contact us, even if you think your project is too big or too small.​

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Installing a TV

TV Installations

Some people may remember the days of console televisions that were encased in wood and sat on the floor.  In those days when you got a TV you set it in place, plugged it in and either set an antenna on top or screwed a cable into the back and you were all set.  

Todays TV's are much more advanced, but in most cases, much bigger!  Gone are the days of decorative floor televisions.  Nowadays most people want theirs mounted to the wall.  

This sounds easy enough, but it is very important to make sure and get the mounting bracket secured directly to the wall studs or your expensive TV could come crashing down.  It is also important to ensure that the location is planned out and plotted on the wall prior to doing any drilling and this all has to be leveled as well.

If this sounds like more headache than you want to deal with, just leave it to us.  We will ensure a professional installation and can even do the technical part of the installation as well, such as connecting components.


Picture Frames and Artwork

Many people love the idea of having family photos hung on their walls throughout the house.  It gives a sense of unity to the family and makes a house feel more like a home.  We have done work for several households where the owners had a pretty good idea of what they wanted and how they wanted it laid out, but were unsure of themselves when it came to doing the project and didn't want to mess up their walls.  

We are glad to help with this kind of project and help you make your home more cozy and full of memories.  Not only can we hang picture frames and portraits, we can also install:

- Wall art

- Paintings

- Clocks

- Custom lighting

- Shelving

Make the call to Kirby's Handyman Service for your next project, big or small!

Newly installed curtains and blinds on a dining room window

Curtains and Blinds

Our handyman services also include installation of curtains and blinds.  We have done many curtain installations over the years and enjoy doing them.  New curtains can really make a room feel warm and inviting while also providing you with privacy.  They are also a must for certain times of the day when the sun would otherwise be blinding you through the windows.   

Blinds are another window treatment that are gaining in popularity.  There are many types of blinds out there, but we haven't found any yet that we couldn't install and make look beautiful!  Here are just a few examples of the types of blinds that we have installed for our customers:

- Vertical blinds

- Venetian blinds

- Mini blinds

- Micro blinds

- Pleated shades

- Roller shades

It's not uncommon for customers to request both blinds and curtains installed on their windows and we are more than happy to oblige!

Closet shelving install

Shelving and Closets

Everyone needs more storage space, right?  A good way to free up some more space is to install shelving or other types of organizational storage.  Kirby's Handyman Service is happy to help you get your closets organized with shelving, shoe racks, hanger rods, cubbies, or store-bought modular organization systems.  

Decorative shelving can be mounted just about anywhere in your home and gives you a place to display décor such as candles, photos, or other keepsakes.  You can install shelves in the kids' rooms for them to store books, movies video games, and even to display their sports trophies and school awards.  

In the kitchen, we do a lot of shelving installations as well.  These can be functional or decorative or both.  A few examples of some jobs we have done are:

- Shelves for displaying china

- Shelving for pantry storage

- Wall-mounted coffee station

- Spice rack installed on the wall

- Wall-mounted wine rack

- Decorative shelving for kitchen knick-knacks

wall oven installation

Appliance Installation

You might be thinking that appliance installation sounds silly or trivial but the truth is not every appliance is as easy as setting it in place and plugging it in.  Even new refrigerators need to be leveled so that they function properly and if they have an ice maker, then the water line needs to be installed and connected properly to ensure that it does not leak.

With  other appliances, it may be more obvious that you'll need a professional installation.  A wall oven, as shown in the photo, needs to be hooked up to the gas or electric supply properly and safely, then securely mounted in place and finally trimmed out so that it looks great.  Call us for installation services such as:

- Washer and dryer

- dishwasher install

- Over the range microwave

- Refrigerator install and level

- Gas or electric range installation

- Garbage disposal install

- Water heater

- Even wall or cabinet mounted can openers!

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