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Electrical Service
Harrisburg, PA

Troubleshooting electrical problems, electrical repair, and new electrical installations are definitely things that should be left to a professional.  Do-it-yourselfers beware!  Is it really worth damaging your home or endangering your safety?  

Please, don't risk it.  Instead, call Kirby's Handyman Service!  We will come to your home and give a free on-site estimate for taking care of your electrical project.  

To get in touch with our team, call us today at 717-586-2877 and request a free quote. Do not hesitate to contact us, even if you think your project is too big or too small.​

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Outlet and Switch Replacement

Whether you need to fix or replace a faulty switch or electrical outlet or you would like to update the switches and also electrical outlets in your home to something more secure and more modern, the electric installers at Kirby's Handyman Service have the ability to help.  We work to help you pick the very best electrical outlets as well and switches for your home and also ensure that they are set up correctly.

Some outlets and switches-- especially complex electrical outlets such as GFCI electrical outlets-- can be tricky to set up as well as fix. This makes it crucial that you rely on a seasoned electrician to aid you in setting up as and repairing switches and electrical outlets in your home. In the event of an emergency, we can certainly make the required repair work as well as recover your switch or electrical outlet to working order.


Lighting Installation

Want to illuminate your area while saving on energy costs? Lighten up or perhaps highlight the very best functions of any area with modern, modern-day lighting from Kirby's Handyman Service. Many office or homes spaces are developed with standard lighting fixtures or chandeliers that fall from the ceiling. These lighting fixtures can supply particular styled looks and are often best suited for homes or offices with average or taller ceilings.

Recessed lighting is best for houses with low ceilings along with highlight a piece of art work or another unique feature. Whatever you want to highlight, we can bring it to light with our state-of-the-art recessed lighting installation services. Old surface-mounted light boxes are a distant memory. We can remove them and change them with flush install recessed lighting for a more modern-day ambience and feel. Enhance the state of mind in your house or commercial residential or commercial property with updated and modern-day lighting.

ceiling fan installation

Ceiling Fan Installation

The kind of room determines how your fan will be installed. Even if you believe there's no connection for one, Kirby's Handyman Service can help you. If there is an existing electrical connection, the project might appear uncomplicated. Even then, you must call our electrical expert in Harrisburg to avoid safety issues and guarantee a successful setup.

We can assist if there's no fixture or connection. A ceiling fan electrical box requires unique bracing that attaches directly to the ceiling joists. A normal fan weighs about 20 pounds. Our electrical contractors can handle the entire job, from setting up the ceiling fan install box to running electrical wiring required to power the fan. We'll inspect your room to identify the best fan size and type for your requirements.

Breaker Box

Replacing Bad Breakers

A breaker is a device that cuts off power if the electrical current is too high. In the past, home electrical systems utilized fuses that would blow if there was an overload. Today, a circuit breaker panel includes numerous breakers, each serving a different circuit. A breaker can be reset instead of replaced when it trips. Without this protection, electrical overloads might short out or melt electrical wiring, gadgets, and devices. The consequences range from expensive damage to possibly lethal fires.

When electrical energy enters your house from the power distribution grid, it gets in a circuit where there's a hot wire, linked to the outdoor energy source, and neutral wire that links to a neutral source. Although electrical energy is delivered at a constant voltage, your light bulbs, devices, and other electrical devices cause resistance. It's what enables them to work, however devices are developed so that current is kept well below unsafe limits, although this isn't constantly the case

That's why houses have breakers, which cut off the circuit when electricity exceeds safe levels.  Sometimes these breakers can go bad and cease to function.  That's when you'll want to give Kirby's a call!

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